Monday, May 18, 2015

Obama's Plan Just Knee-capped SWAT teams throught the country

The White House again sticks its big nose into policing around the country.
To curb the “militarization” of local police that upset so many people during the Ferguson protests, President Obama has authorized a series of recommendations to regulate the transfer of equipment from federal agencies to state/local law enforcement.

The plan divides equipment into two main categories: (1) “prohibited” equipment – including bayonets, grenade launchers, weaponized aircraft, tracked armored vehicles and large caliber weapons – that have been deemed inappropriate for local law enforcement and should not be made available local police “under any circumstances,” and (2) “controlled” equipment – including riot gear, explosives, armored vehicles, and specialized firearms – that police departments can acquire only if they comply with certain “vigorous” controls.
Okay a grenade launcher can fire a smoke or tear gas grenade so I guess SWAT teams don't get that. I guess they also don't get to use a tracked vehicle in case of a bomb threat as well. Also what caliber is large caliber? Hopefully doesn't leave them with pop guns when the criminals can use any caliber of firearm they want. 

Also on the "controlled list" why is riot gear on this list? This gear protects the cops when there are riots like there were in Baltimore. Maybe explosives or armored vehicles might be on this list by why is protective gear there? I guess there will just be more injured cops next time there is a riot.

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