Thursday, May 14, 2015

They are Going to Run Out of Straws!: 36 People on the #RNCStrawPoll including Mark Whitty Everson. Who? Read Further

Can't they whittle this group down to a more manageable number?
The RNC then throws in a few senators and governors for good measure. Nikki Haley, John Thune, Brian Sandoval, Kelly Ayotte, Susana Martinez, Tim Scott. Add former congressman Allen West, a potential candidate in his own mind, and former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, and you're at a ridiculous 35 candidates.

Who's number 36, you ask? Mark Everson. Who's Mark Everson, you ask? Beats me.
Time to Google:

He is the former Commissioner of the IRS under George W. Bush (points off) but has an interesting middle name: Whitty (not sure if he actually fits this name.) He went to Yale (points off) and NYU school of business for an MBA in accounting (points: I would love a Beancounter in Chief.) He was the CEO of the Red Cross (big points) but knocked up a married subordinate while he was there (points for Clinton-istas) but ended up divorcing his wife and marring that woman (tie score to the Christian Reich: your sin Mr Everson? ADULTERY! Your penance? MARRIAGE.) He is currently working as a consultant for Alliantgroup which is a tax consultant (if they can cut my taxes then points.) Said Alliantgroup has a David Tepper clone on their website. When I first clicked through I thought "wow Tepper has his hands in everything." Turns out it was Dean Zerbe who is some dude I never heard of.

Total Score: I would not vote for him but he would make a decent Tax functionary in an imaginary Condoleezza Rice White House. (Yeah I'm not a fan of any of the people running on the GOP ticket so far)

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