Monday, September 11, 2006

Video Games to Measure Player Behavior

This seems like a pretty interesting idea from game manufacturers.

More than 15 years in development, Metrics Element, a tool to
collect, analyze and distribute game data within a Web-based user interface,
will ship around the first of the year.

The software would provide answers to many questions, from what
players do in the game and how long it take to reach level 20, to where they spend their money and how many people saw the Pepsi product pitch in the game,

I wonder is this program will record if you repeatedly shoot up a Pepsi product billboard that is distracting you during a game. Will it record it as a good interaction or a bad one. Some of the information will be very interesting to see though. I would really like to see the numbers for how many people farm gold or gear on MMORPGs.

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