Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Interesting Media Reaction to Vietnamese Double Agent

Now this is a very telling reaction to finding out that a top reporter in the Vietnam war who just passed away just happened to be a double agent for the North Vietnamese.

Former media colleagues expressed mixed feelings, from bemusement
to a sense of betrayal, after An revealed in the 1980s that he had been a

Mixed Feelings? I mean the guy was a spy for the people our nation was fighting against. There were actually people that were bemused at finding out that this guy was stealing secrets and getting Americans killed?

Outside critics vilified An for his role in espionage activities that may have led to the deaths of many Americans and South Vietnamese. But most of An's ex-colleagues refrained from criticizing his deception.

So did his colleagues gave him a free pass while "outside critics" were the only people that criticized what this guy really did? These reporters couldn't even denounce him for possibly getting our troops killed?
"If ever there was a man caught between two worlds, it was An. It is very
hard for anyone who did not serve in Vietnam in those years to understand the
complexity," said David Halberstam, who covered the early years of the war for
The New York Times.

What is so complex about posing as a journalist while giving secrets to the government of the nation we were locked in a mortal struggle with? I think that would be wrong no matter how you look at it. This is very telling on where the media's allegiances really lie. It certainly isn't with the troops of their native country. And these are the same people (or taught/inspired the current people) that are covering the Iraq war. The Jihaddis don't even need a 5th column when they have people like this working for our country.

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