Thursday, September 14, 2006

Air America in a Death Spiral?

I guess liberals just don't want to listen to talk radio with the same conviction that conservatives do. It seems the liberal bastion radio might be nearing Chapter 11.
Horn, without getting specific, said there were "a handful of layoffs"
that followed a move of the network's New York outlet from WLIB-AM to
WWRL-AM, a station with a less powerful signal. The network launched in March

Also they seem to not be paying Al Franken and he complained about it on air.
Franken, in a recent interview, said the network was suffering from "a
cash flow problem."

"No cash has been flowing to me," Franken, who makes a reported $2 million a
year, told The New York Sun. "That's the first inkling I got of a cash flow

So they were forced to move to a weaker station and can't even get their payroll sorted out enough to pay their on-air talent. That does not bode well for liberal talk radio. Soon we are going to hear about how talk radio was not really the correct venue for "progressive ideas" or something like that.

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