Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Interesting Article About Vietnam

This is a very interesting article about the fall of Saigon. I have a feeling that it may be almost a repeat once the Dems get in power. All the idiots like Brian Schatz who is running for Congress from Hawaii wants to begin pulling troops out of Iraq "immediately."

State Rep. Brian Schatz and state Rep. Gary Hooser both called for
withdrawal to begin immediately.

"The war hurts America and costs $250 million per day," Schatz
said, adding his argument that reducing the number of troops would help
stabilize the area.

In other words they don't care what the generals think are appropriate troop levels because we can't afford to lose more money! I'm sure Schatz knows much more then General John Abizaid about stabilizing the area so we should elect him then put him in charge of reducing US Troop strength.

In any case I would be willing to bet even money that we will see the Iraq equivalent of the Air America helicopter rising off the US embassy. The last one out of the Green Zone please turn out the lights.

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