Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Yahoo to Concentrate on Mobile? Case in Point on How Bad They Are: You cannot change portfolio contents from the mobile app

I really think they should fire Marissa Mayer's and bring in a turn-around expert.
The company’s turnaround plan includes continued investment in what the company calls “Mavens,” Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said on the company’s earnings conference call. Mavens refers to Yahoo’s mobile, video, native and social businesses, where its ad revenue is growing.

“Our plan involves continued investment in Mavens to counterbalance legacy declines, with a particular emphasis on mobile,” Mayer said on the call. “With Mavens revenue at over $1.6 billion for the year, mobile is the largest contributor, adding over $1 billion, or nearly a quarter of our traffic-driven revenue.”
It's funny that they are going after mobile at long last because their mobile has been woeful. I have used the Yahoo Finance app for several years and it has been a long slog. First of all you cannot change your portfolio from the app. You have to log into the website for that and then it is carried over. That is something that should have been implemented years ago. Secondly there is all this stale news on there that is different than the webpage. So I just repeat the stock search from the CNBC app so I can read current news.

The only reason I even use the Yahoo Finance app is that I have had my watchlists and such on there for years and years so I am a legacy user. If an easier app that contained more information came along I would certainly go through the long process of shifting everything there and not look back.

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