Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Christie and Fiorina are Out: Too Much Trump for Them

New Hampshire seems to be the great winnowing of the field. In past elections this is when people just got interested. I have been following it when there were like 15 people in the field so it feels strange now that there are only a few left.

The choices we have left are mostly unpalatable as well. The megalomaniac billionaire, the hated Senator from Texas, the young robot from Florida, the decorated surgeon that knows nothing about foreign policy, the wooden brother of the other President, and the likable Governor from Ohio (who I could actually vote for without reservation.) The Dem side has the duplicitous potential felon that had her email hacked and the septuagenarian socialist that all the Millennials love. I might have to vote present like Obama in this election because nearly everyone sucks.

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