Thursday, February 04, 2016

Well Idiot Cruz admits that His Campaign Used some Lies by Omission on the Iowa Caucus: #LoseCruz

And this guy is going to try to run against the Queen of Lies herself, Hillary?
CNN reported Monday night that Carson would go home to Florida following the Iowa caucuses instead of flying directly to the early voting states New Hampshire and South Carolina. The network added that he planned to stay in the race.

Some Cruz allies shared that news widely on the night of the caucuses, including to Carson supporters, but did not include the part about Carson remaining in the race.
Now that is dirty politics and I would expect nothing less from idiot Cruz. The funny thing is that he can no long accuse Hillary of being untruthful because he was caught red-handed to try to win Iowa at all costs. If Cruz is the nominee I will probably vote for the devil I know (aka Hillary) and not the idiot America should fear. 

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