Friday, February 12, 2016

Why Millennial's Hate Hillary in one Article

This is from a very liberal point of view from a feminist.
The reason Wall Street is dropping zillions of quarters into Hillary's Super PAC-Man machine isn't because it wants change — it's because Wall Street sees revenue in her promises of keeping things much the same. Under Hillary, our prisons will continue to punish for profit. Our schools will continue to be sold off to private contractors. And despite 87 percent of Democrats standing behind universal health care, Hillary insists it will "never, ever come to pass." Not from her, I guess, since she's taken over $13 million from the health care industry.
Yeah Hillary really is yet another bought-and-paid-for politician and Sanders doesn't seem to be that way with his $27 average donation. It is simple as that. She also is disingenuous, crooked, and a national security threat because she wanted what she wanted. She may even be under indictment for felony charges before too long.
If Millennials are coming out in droves to support Bernie Sanders, it's not because we are tripping balls on Geritol. No, Sanders's clever strategy of shouting the exact same thing for 40 years simply strikes a chord among the growing number of us who now agree: Washington is bought. And every time Goldman Sachs buys another million-dollar slice of the next American presidency, we can't help but drop the needle onto Bernie's broken record:
I think it is a sense that the Wall Street sharpies, their captive regulators, and their salaried politicians tanked the economy. In a sense the Millennials are right when they say this. So socialism looks much better to them than rigged capitalism. Bernie offers free college tuition and universal healthcare. The optimistic, dreamer type of things. Hillary offers them the hard truths like how these things get paid for. That is a non-starter with a generation that is starting their lives in the Great Recession.

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