Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Woman Heckles Trump at Diner: My heckle would Be Worry About My Wallet and Not Mexicans or Muslims #DumpTrump

It takes courage to yell at a candidate.
“Enjoy your burger, racist!”a young woman shouted from the back of the restaurant before walking out.

Outside, the heckler identified herself to ABC News as Jane, but declined to give her last name. She said she was visiting the state from South Carolina, and was unaware Trump would make an appearance as she enjoyed lunch.
“I’m really struck by his racism and Islamophobia,” Jane said. “I wanted to make sure people remembered that he is racist, and that he’s using it to rally voters.” 
Hopefully she paid for her lunch before she stormed out. I just want him to tell me his economic plan or how we can grow at like 4% GDP or how he can cut my taxes. I don't care about his stance on Mexicans, the border, or Muslims. In any case I would probably freeze up if I saw him and just notice how weird his hair looks.

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