Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I Kind of Understand why the Smart Watch isn't Catching On and Apple is Suffering

I have to agree 100% with the sentiment in this article.
It’s the same thing with the smartwatch. Sure, it does what it’s supposed to. Many of these devices even look really cool on your wrist. But they’re pricey, and hard to use. And it doesn’t make sense when I already have an expensive phone that does all of the same things. I mean honestly, what situations are people ever in where pulling their phone out of their pocket is too inconvenient?
If you need proof that the smartwatch isn’t catching on, take a look at the Apple’s AAPL Apple Watch. With Apple’s massive brand name and an operating system that was easy to navigate for millions of users already familiar with iOS, the Apple Watch soared after its release, quickly becoming the top-selling smartwatch on the market.

That part about having a phone in your pocket that does the same thing is a big one. The redundancy of service is kind of a killer when it comes to a smart watch. People rarely make or get phone calls on the cell phones but mostly text, Instagram, or Snapchat one another. It is simply easier and more socially acceptable to type on a phone pulled out of the pocket than talk into a smart watch. You also really cannot play games or surf Facebook on a smart watch. Was it so hard to reach into ones pocket to look at a phone?

So what the watch does do well is tells time and maybe keeps track of your fitness. You can do that at half the price or less from other sources. The smart watch is still looking for its killer app. The thing that makes you want to leave your phone in your pocket. The only thing that would come close is swiping your watch to pay for something. That might be pretty cool but it still isn't much of a difference then taking your phone out of your pocket.  

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