Friday, October 15, 2010

Fear and Loathing at the White House

I read this very interesting article on how things are in the White House now that Obama is on the downslide. This quote just jumped off the page at me and caused me to pause a few minutes to fathom how bad things are there:

But it is possible to win the inside game and lose the outside game. In their darkest moments, White House aides wonder aloud whether it is even possible for a modern president to succeed, no matter how many bills he signs. Everything seems to conspire against the idea: an implacable opposition with little if any real interest in collaboration, a news media saturated with triviality and conflict, a culture that demands solutions yesterday, a societal cynicism that holds leadership in low regard. Some White House aides who were ready to carve a new spot on Mount Rushmore for their boss two years ago privately concede now that he cannot be another Abraham Lincoln after all. In this environment, they have increasingly concluded, it may be that every modern president is going to be, at best, average.

Um, a modern President can succeed if he wasn't average like Obama. I'm sorry but Obama really isn't anything special other than a 1st term Senator. He isn't a war hero like Eisenhower, H. W. Bush, or Kennedy.  He isn't an actual genius like Hoover. He doesn't do empathy like Reagan or Clinton. He isn't a great leader like Washington, or Lincoln. He wasn't dealt the incredibly crappy hand that FDR got.

He is just a Calvin Coolidge or a Jimmy Carter. A pretty well meaning guy that is just not up to the task of governing the United States. He can't battle in the Senate trenches like LBJ or can lead by vigorous example like Teddy Roosevelt. I mean the world doesn't even take him as seriously as they did G.W. Bush. 

He is constantly outfoxed by his enemies who hold him in contempt. I'm sure Ahmadinajoke and Putin secretly laugh behind his back. At least the Red Chinese are led by an actual engineer with an advanced degree in Geology. All of these men had to survive in a cutthroat world where a single slip-up would get you political banishment or worse. They are leaders that have been honed so that they can play the Great Game. Obama rails at Fox News while checking his Blackberry to see what Glenn Beck has said about him.

The worst part about the Obama Presidency is how they blame everyone but themselves. They inherited the worst problems in American history. Boo-hoo. You spent a billion dollars to get that job now you need to own these problems. I'm pretty sure Lincoln wasn't endlessly talking about how James Buchanan was such a screw-up and that he inherited all these slavery and states rights problems from that ass-grab before him.

Lincoln was hated in his lifetime too by the North and the South. History turned things around on that note and he is one of our great Presidents. I'm pretty sure that won't be happening to Obama.  I can see 100 years from now when people ask "Obama?  Wasn't he the first Black President?" The answer would be "No that was Condoleezza Rice in 2016 I think."

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