Friday, October 08, 2010

Largest Obamacare Exemption Went to the Teachers Union

Now this has to be a new record in the fastest bit of patronage doled out in a long time.

But the biggest beneficiary of the Obama administration's exemption is the United Federation of Teachers, New York's teachers union, reports the New York Post. The union, which campaigned for Obama in 2008, said it would have trouble insuring its 351,000 members next year if it had to set its benefit cap at $750,000 or more.

"The fact that the largest waiver now belongs to New York teachers union bosses might be funny if the rest of America wasn't stuck complying with the bill's onerous mandates," Patrick Semmens, spokesman for the anti-union National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, told the paper.

This is the same New York Teachers Union that created the "rubber rooms" and cannot fire anyone no matter what they did. Even though they closed the "rubber rooms" this year they would probably still be going without scrutiny/recession cut-backs. In any case Obama takes care of his friends even when he is supposed to be helping everyone with Obamacare. In other words Obamacare for Thee but Not for Me.

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