Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Now Gibbs Goes After Cramer: Does the Press Secretary Have Anything to Do Other then Watch CNBC?

Now Gibbs has Jim Cramer in his sights after going after Santelli a few weeks ago.

"I'm not entirely sure what he's (Cramer) pointing to to make some of the statements," said Gibbs. "And you can go back and look at any number of statements he's made in the past about the economy and wonder where some of the back-up for those are too."

When pressed further by Costello, Gibbs said, "If you turn on a certain program it's geared to a very small audience. No offense to my good friends, or friend at CNBC. But the President has to look out for the broader economy and the broader population."

Um, Mr. Gibbs Jim Cramer has a view of the economy that you cannot even dream of. Cramer has access to traders in the trenches, hedge fund managers, market mavens, and the people that have dealt with the economy for decades. Hell, he called this crisis back in 2007.

Plus Cramers money as well as his reputation is on the line when he talks about the economy. All the Obama administration can point to is a 2500 point drop in the Dow and a bunch of vague ways to soak the rich. Oh and spending $780 billion so that 95% of Americans can get $13 per paycheck. In fact I think Obama's economic team could actually use the insight of a guy like Cramer.

Instead we have Gibbs calling these people out by name and attacking their "back-up." I remember a time when the President didn't insult critics on TV and this Gibbs has done it twice to people on CNBC. I think Gibbs will now knock Becky Quick's choice of hairstyle or maybe he has some comments on the color of Carl Quintanilla's ties.

I think Gibbs needs to shut off the TV for a little while and read The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression by Amity Shlaes. Hopefully, he will take it as a cautionary tale and not a handbook for the future under Obamanomics.

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