Wednesday, March 18, 2009

North Koreans Perfect Pizza After 10 Years of Central Planning

Ah the North Koreans will finally be enjoying "authentic" Italian pizza and it only took them a solid decade of work.

It has taken almost 10 years of work, but North Korea has acquired the technology to launch a project very dear to its leader's heart - the nation's first "authentic" Italian pizzeria.

The launch of Pyongyang's first Italian restaurant meanwhile brings to fruition a ten-year effort by Kim Jong-il - a renowned gourmand and lover of western food - to create the perfect pizza and pasta in his homeland.

Last year a delegation of local chefs was sent by Kim to Naples and Rome to learn the proper Italian techniques after their homegrown efforts to mimic Italian cuisine were found by Kim to contain "errors".

Of course if North Korea was a capitalist society they would have had "authentic" Italian pizza 9 years, 11 months and 29 days ago by offering an economic incentive to lure pizza chefs from Italy. Maybe North Korea could have offered start-up capital or lifted visa restrictions and those chefs would have come on down. Hopefully the Red Chinese can show them how it is done.

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