Monday, March 09, 2009

Dodd Looking Vulnerable in Connecticut

I hope Connecticut voters are finally understanding how bad this guy is in the Senate.

The silver-haired father of two young girls is facing his toughest re-election fight ever, and he doesn't even have an opponent yet. (CNBC pundit Larry Kudlow and former GOP Representative Rob Simmons have both expressed interest in running.) In a January Quinnipiac poll, 51% of Connecticut voters said they would not vote for Dodd in 2010.

What is even more dangerous about this guy is this little tidbit:

Still, the double distraction of a looming re-election battle and the ongoing health-care talks has some worried that Dodd might be neglecting the Senate Banking Committee at a crucial time, or at least be stretched too thin. "Health care is yet another distraction on the list of things that have distracted Dodd from his [Banking] Committee work," says one Republican Senator who has served with Dodd on the committee. "

Yes he will be working on health care reform at a time when US banks are in crisis. Talk about not putting your priorities in order. Fix the banks Dodd then you can work on Medicare or whatever pet projects you might have.

If the banks aren't fixed people will be worried more about the Great Depression 2 and then they are about who pays what when they go to the doctor. Maybe Dodd thinks that he has to fix Healthcare in order to stop all the stomach ulcers that he is giving people about his incompetence as the banking chairman.

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