Friday, February 27, 2009

Hard Hitting Time Magazine Article: Obama likes Coke!

The puff pieces by the main-stream media are just getting out of hand now.

Late last year, Obama's nascent Administration worked out of transition offices in a downtown government building, which was serviced by only Pepsi-brand vending machines, according to three people who worked in the building. Two Administration officials have told me that a group of Obama aides, frustrated by the security gauntlet required to go to the corner store, stocked a refrigerator with Diet Coke in open rebellion against the available options.

This reporter even went dumpster diving in pursuit of the truth on whether the Obama team are Cokeists or Pepsiites.

On Thursday, the recycling bin outside White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs' office contained six cans of Diet Coke and one can of Sprite Zero, which is also a Coca-Cola product.

Yes, reporter Michael Scherer was paid by Time Magazine to actually dig through a recycling bin to tell us whether the Obama people drank Coke or Pepsi. I had to look up the name of the reporter because I was sure it was Asif Manvi or Rob Riggle of the Daily Show and not a reporter for Time Magazine. I think the media in America is really bankrupt when you can mistake a Time reporter for a fake reporter on a comedy show.

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