Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Visa IPO is going to be 'Uge

To borrow a line from Trump it is going to be 'Uge. It should be the biggest IPO in US history netting about $18.8 billion. I just like the fact that their smaller rival Master Card is up 5x since its IPO and Visa has a bigger market share slice.
Visa holds about 44% of the U.S. credit card market and has a 48% share of
the debit card market, according to data form Nilson.

I love any company that can charge a fee anytime one of their cards are used and they get to pass the risk on to the issuers. Also the use of Debit Cards are really starting to take off as well. Once we get a pay by cell phone service like they have in Japan you might be able to kiss the need to carry cash goodbye.

I have a feeling that the IPO will probably go into the low $80s on the first day but that is just a gut feeling. In any case I will be generating cash to be this stock as near to the IPO as possible and I will be buying on dips. A 5 bagger in just 2 years like Master Card would be sweet.

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Anonymous said...

Joe. Who is issuing the IPO and what is its symbol and how much can I buy? Dad.