Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I'm Sorry #GeneMunster Apple Glasses will not cut Meaningfully into iPhone Sales by 2020

I just can't see this happening in my estimation.
"We expect iPhone revenue to grow at 15 percent in FY18 (essential the next iPhone cycle) and account for 64 percent of revenue," Munster said. "We believe tough comps after the next iPhone cycle will have a negative impact on iPhone growth in FY19, and in FY20 we believe Apple Glasses will start to impact iPhone sales."
Munster doesn't explain why sales might drop off, but the reason might be simple. Augmented reality glasses could offer features that are redundant on an iPhone, allowing users to interact with apps right on their faces without having to pull out an iPhone.
I'm sorry but wearing glasses that "augment reality" is just not a realistic thing. I just can't see millions of people wearing janky looking glasses instead of pulling out their phone. Will they be swiping the air or sticking their hands out into space to pull up an app? They would look ridiculous doing it out in public. Maybe it will all be voice controlled but Siri will need to get way better to keep up with the commands you would have to send the glasses.

Also if the glasses have a camera on them then privacy concerns will be raised. If you see a guy with Apple glasses in the bathroom will there be a confrontation? Will the glasses have to be confiscated in movie theaters and such? It is the same thing that cropped up when Google Glasses crapped out.

One thing I know will happen in 2020 is the rise of the glasses wearing celebrity that will "live-stream their lives." Imagine a Kardash-ite wearing the glasses 24/7 and having people pay to access their live stream. Just watching celebrities in those glasses on the red carpet or while shooting a film or TV Show would be very interesting. I know Jimmy Fallon would wear one as he does the Tonight Show for sure. And of course the porn usage of these glasses would be multitudinous.

I just don't see the Apple Glasses as something that would cut percentages off of iPhone sales though. I think they will become another iWatch. It will be a nifty device that only a certain small slice of people will actually own. You will see them from time to time but won't see them to the extent you see smart phones.

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