Friday, July 08, 2016

Trump Clashes with Arizona Senator at Closed Door Meeting of the GOP

Whenever I read something like this I always think Hillary can start measuring the drapes in the White House.
He was referring to Trump’s comments last year when the real estate mogul questioned whether senior Arizona Sen. John McCain was a war hero because he had been captured.

“When he attacks the other senator from Arizona, John McCain, and attacks his war record by saying I don't respect people who get captured, that's -- what an awful, awful thing to say about a war hero, a true war hero,” Flake said.

Trump then predicted that Flake wouldn’t win his re-election bid, despite him not being up for re-election in 2016. 
That last statement sums up Trump in a nutshell. Lash back without the facts as always instead of trying to mend some fences. Trump could have at least apologized for the "not a war hero if you are a POW" idiotic statement. Instead double down and act like a fool.

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