Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cruz Just Commited Political Suicide

Serves old batboy right. You are at a nominating convention and you don't endorse the nominee? What a moron. Stay home if you don't want to participate.

Cruz's rebuke ignited a hot scene around the senator as soon as he left the stage. People averted their eyes from Cruz and his wife as they walked with their security detail on the skybox level of boisterous Republicans.

On the donor suite level, people approached Cruz and insulted him, a source told CNN's Dana Bash. One state party chairman reacted so angrily that he had to be restrained.
They should have let whatever state's party chairman thrash his ass. It would have wiped that perpetual smirk off of his face. In any case this will , thankfully, be the last you hear of Ted Cruz. He will smirk his way into some cozy job but at least he will be removed from the national scene at last.

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