Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Great No One Vetted Bernie Sanders' Wife Running Burlington College into the Groud?

This is the kind of thing that should have been done months ago.
Burlington College said its financial troubles are linked to Jane Sanders’ 2010 purchase of 32 acres of lakefront property, part of a botched expansion. The college was placed on academic probation in 2014 by its accrediting agency and faced cash-flow problems due to the imminent loss of a line of credit, the Washington Post’s Nick Anderson reports. To survive, the school has tried to sell land but it wasn’t enough to remain solvent.
I feel bad for the kids going to that college. They probably had no say in buying lakefront property to expand the college and they now have to scramble due to this woman's mismanagement. Of course with every endeavor by the wives/husbands of the well connected we have some cronyism.
The Washington Free Beacon reported in January that, when Jane Sanders was president, the college also enrolled students at a woodworking school run by her daughter and spent more than half a million dollars on the endeavor, which ended not long after she left.
Whats $500k among relatives?

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