Monday, May 16, 2016

Applebee Moves to Wood Fired Grills? Might Seperate them from the Pack

I have never eaten at Applebee's but I do know some people who have and they do not have a good opinion of the place. So I guess that is why they are doing a $40 million revamp.
"You’re going to see it and hear it," Julia Stewart, the chairman and CEO of Applebee’s parent company DineEquity, Inc., told Business Insider. "You’re going to literally smell it when you’re in the parking lot, and then you're going to walk in and see it on the menu, and then you're going to have a food server talk about it in a very excited way."
I like the idea of smelling the wood fire in the parking lot but I'm not sure about the food server talking about it in a very excited way. In any case I know BBQ places have been packed whenever I travel to the Mainland. Like the entire parking lot is full with people waiting like out the door. So this can be a good idea as long as the food is fairly tasty. Right now the food doesn't even look appetizing in the commercial. 

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