Monday, November 30, 2015

Wait People Still Think Temperatures will Rise by 10 degrees by 2100?

These global warming articles are just so full of misinformation.

But climate change could also have a bigger impact on the economies of the U.S. and other developed nations than many experts have thought up till now. Two researchers at Columbia University, Geoffrey Heal and Jisung Park, argue that a moderately warmer planet could produce an economic downturn as bad as the Great Recession that battered the economy from 2007 to 2009. If the worst global warming prediction—a temperature spike of about 10°F by the year 2100—were to materialize, the result could be a depression that rivals or exceeds the devastation of the 1930s, which bankrupted much of America.

They shouldn't even be throwing around that number because it is about as useful as the prediction of no arctic ice by summer 2013. Trying the mitigate the worse-case scenario is a big waste of time. Also this study is highly spurrious.

A 2012 study of productivity at 64 U.S. auto plants during a 10-year period found that extreme heat—defined as six or more consecutive days with a high temperature of 90° or more—cut production by about 8%. Workers got tired faster, or just performed worse overall. Air conditioning seemed to mitigate the production slowdown caused by a heat wave, but not eliminate it completely. And unlike some lost production, which is simply made up at a later date, output lost during a heat wave may be production that simply gets lost for good. Not surprisingly, lost output caused by extreme heat was highest in southern states and lowest in northern ones.

What US auto plants have no air conditioning? The United Autoworkers would shut that place down in a minute. I wonder if that would be an OSHA violation to have so many workers stay in an non air conditioned plant? Also what other factors could have cut production as well? In fact there was a recession during that 10 year period that slowed auto sales. Perhaps that cut into production? Also if human workers get so run down by high temperatures then I guess we need to turn to robots instead. They can work in any conditions. Global warming hysteria costs auto workers their jobs!

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