Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Trumps Plan on Syrian Refugees Should be Tried. Create a Safezone in Syria like the American Zone after WW2.

This plan seems sound but with a few caveats of course.
Trump offered an alternative solution for the refugees: build a “safe zone” for them — in their home country.

“In Syria, take a big swatch of land, which believe me, you get for the right price, OK? You take a big swatch and you don’t destroy all of Europe,” the real estate mogul said. “What I’d like is build a safe zone, it’s here, build a big beautiful safe zone and you have whatever it is so people can live, and they’ll be happier.”

That way, Trump explained, they won’t have to learn new languages or adapt to a new climate.
First of all we would need to provide the safety for this "safe zone" so that means boots on the ground in Iraqi Kurdistan where it will be the most logical place to have this zone. Our troops would be there in a humanitarian capacity but need to be prepared to destroy any ISIS units that come close to them. We cannot rely on the Kurds to be our proxy army in this particular fight.

What you do next is win the war by going after ISIS with the full force of the US land and air power. That means multiple carrier groups and 1000s of cruise missiles and drone attacks. No part of the so-called Caliphate would be safe from our bombing. Then you would have to invade to make sure you clean out the remnants that survive the bombing. If Trump can commit to this then we wouldn't need to take on any refugees because we would get rid of the source of their troubles.

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