Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Missouri Protestors Face Opposition from Odd Source: President Obama?

Now this is some interesting push-back.
And so when I hear, for example, you know, folks on college campuses saying, "We're not going to allow somebody to speak on our campus because we disagree with their ideas or we feel threatened by their ideas--" you know, I think that's a recipe for dogmatism. And I think you're not going to be as effective…

I do worry if young people start getting trained to think that if somebody says something I don't like, if somebody says something that hurts my feelings, that my only recourse is to shut them up, avoid them, push them away, call on a higher power to protect me from that.
Hopefully this changes some minds but knowing some of the PC Police on these campuses they will probably just dis-invite Obama from speaking at their graduations like they did so many others.

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