Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yet another Reason Not to Fly American Airlines: Woman Kicked off Flight in Tears

Airline travel has become a terrible experience and American seems to make it even more terrible.

Outraged passengers booed flight attendants for booting a woman off a plane.

Their revolt unfolded just before takeoff on an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Portland, Oregon, after a flight attendant asked a female passenger to find her seat.

She claims she didn't hear him - and the attendant ordered her out of the plane.

He told her: “I need to have you come off the aircraft.”

The passenger replied: “No, why are you guys, you're so mean to me. I didn't do anything.”

The passenger claimed that the she didn't even know that the attendant was talking to her.
The attendant told her: “If you don't come off, I’m going to have to call the officers.”
I guess this is why people fly Southwest and Hawaiian. Better service and flight attendants who are not itching to throw people off of flights.

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