Thursday, August 27, 2015

What is PLEKHA7 and How It Might be the Cure for Cancer Wonder at long Last #CancerMicroprocesser

Hmm it seems that doctors have found the "cancer microprocesser"
Scientists at the Mayo Clinic in Florida have identified the cell’s microprocessor that controls cell growth. Called microRNA, this biological controller instructs the cells to stop dividing the moment they have replicated sufficiently, The Telegraph reports. When that happens, microRNA triggers the production of a protein called PLEKHA7, which then breaks the cell bonds and stops growth. In cancerous cells, that process doesn’t work properly.

The doctors were able to switch on cancer in cells by removing microRNAs and preventing them from producing the protein. Then they found they can reverse the process, stopping tumor growth and potentially changing cancer growth. All a patient would need would be an injections containing microRNAs that would reinforce the existing supply in cancer cells.
I wonder how these microRNAs effect different kinds of cancer? Are these "cancer microprocessors" different in lung cancer for instance. Also I wonder how much microRNAs are needed to create a stopping and reversing of cancer growth. You could certainly prevent cancer from spreading if you target with different kinds of microRNAs. Very interesting stuff.

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